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High Ankle Sprain Not All Ankle Sprains Are The Same

The High Ankle Sprain: Not All Ankle Sprains Are The Same

Everyone’s An Expert On Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are a common injury occurring across many sporting codes. Spraining your ankle is especially common in soccer as well as other footballing codes as well as any jumping and landing sports such as basketball, netball and volleyball… Sports that involving running, jumping and changing direction often have… Read More >

Management Of An Ankle Syndesmotic Injury

Management Of An Ankle Syndesmotic Injury

Presentation Of An Ankle Syndesmotic Injury In my experience the majority of patients having suffered an ankle syndesmotic injury will present with pain in the anterior, or lateral aspect of the ankle, or lower leg. The onset of these symptoms will be following a traumatic incident to the ankle, more often than not the result… Read More >

Syndesmosis Injury: The High Ankle Sprain

What Is A Syndesmosis Injury? Syndesmosis injury, also referred to as a syndesmosis ankle sprain, or a high ankle sprain, is a more severe injury than the common lateral ankle sprain. A syndesmosis injury is estimated to occur in up to 18% of all ankle sprains. A high ankle sprain will typically result in more… Read More >