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Sydney Physio Clinic are experienced in providing exercise therapy. Considerable research has been carried out and offers overwhelming support for the use of therapeutically prescribed exercise therapy physiotherapy programs. Beneficial for conditions such as back pain, arthritis, tendinopathy and osteoporosis…


Why Exercise Therapy?

  • Exercise therapy programs can cover a broad range of approaches and conditions. 
  • The use of exercise therapy can be to help address and rehabilitate from injury, pain or mobility issues.
  • Exercise therapy can be employed to maximise physical abilities. Increasing strength and improving flexibility by optimizing muscular functioning, improving physical fitness, and improve general overall health and well-being.

Physiotherapists The Ideal Active Therapy Providers

Physiotherapists as allied medical professionals are well placed to prescribe exercise therapy. Physios are trained in the principles of rehabilitation, how pain works (both the physical and psychological elements to pain) and the role of exercise in tissue repair. Sydney Physio Clinic regularly uses exercise therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation from pain or injury. Exercise therapy can be used to address faulty movement patterns. Movement patterns that may be the result of, or cause of an injury. Exercise therapy looks to use specific targeted movements to improve the way your body functions. Sydney Physio Clinic physiotherapists can assist in tailoring a program for your specific needs. Our team believe exercise therapy is the most significant and effective way to improve overall health. Improve function and importantly, decrease pain.


Exercise Therapy Physiotherapy: A Part Of Every Session

It isn’t just athletes that are require prescribed exercise therapy as part of their treatment programs. Exercise therapy makes up an important part of the management of all musculoskeletal conditions. At Sydney Physio Clinic exercise therapy prescription makes up a part of every session. Regardless of your complaint and regardless of your physical capabilities or prior activity levels.


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