Motor Accident Authority Scheme Physiotherapy And NSW CTP Physiotherapy Services

Our accredited CTP Physiotherapists at Sydney Physio Clinic are qualified in assessing and treating Motor Accidents Authority (MAA) physiotherapy patients. Experienced in treating motor vehicle associated injuries. Sydney Physio Clinic’s physiotherapists are MAA approved, meaning they are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment. Our focus is on achieving a safe and durable return to full function and pre injury level. Ultimately minimising the impact of motor vehicle accidents. Our physiotherapists follow the MAA physiotherapy administrative procedures.


What To Do To Get CTP Physio After A Car Accident?

  • Contact us, Sydney Physio Clinic is an accredited CTP physiotherapy clinic.
  • Simply, book an online initial appointment with one of our physiotherapists.
  • Inform the physiotherapist about your car accident.
  • Most insurers allow approval for 2 physio sessions before your CTP Claim is submitted.
  • Submit any insurance, or compensation claims if applicable.
  • For further treatment if relevant and necessary, our physiotherapists can submit a completed Allied Health Recovery Request. This AHRR form is to seek approval for any ongoing sessions. 
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Motor Accidents Authority Scheme NSW History

The Motor Vehicles Act introduced the first compulsory third party (CTP) personal injury insurance scheme to New South Wales in 1942. Since then, multiple reforms and enhancements to the scheme have been implemented. Reforms aimed at encouraging early and appropriate treatment and rehabilitation to injured people. As well as providing greater access to benefits for injured people.

Communication Is Key For A Motor Vehicle Accident CTP Physiotherapy Claim

Sydney Physio Clinic physiotherapists believe in the need for effective communication. Including communication between the nominated treating doctor, the insurers, employers (if applicable) and any other necessary health professionals. When working in conjunction with the above parties during the course of  treatment, we regularly feedback relevant information. Including information regarding functional ability, capacity for work (if applicable). As well as any potential barriers that may impact upon the return to work, or general rehabilitation process to the appropriate individual or group.

Experienced Operating Within The Motor Accident Authority Physiotherapy System

Sydney Physio Clinic’s goal is to work effectively within the MAA injury management system. We understand being injured, experiencing pain, or having functional limitations as a result of a motor vehicle accident can be  difficult for anyone. As a result, we aim to not only make your return to full function and pre injury level as quick as possible. But also as stress free as possible, by taking care of our role competently and professionally. All so you can focus on getting better.

CTP Physiotherapy Claim – Billing Directly To The Insurer

At Sydney Physio Clinic any Motor Accidents Authority physiotherapy sessions for motor vehicle injuries can be billed directly to the insurers. This can occur once we have confirmation of a valid claim number – meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to you.

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