Workers Compensation Physiotherapy

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy at Sydney Physio Clinic

At Sydney Physio Clinic, workers compensation physio sessions for work-related injuries can be billed directly to your employer’s workers compensation insurer.

What We Need When Booking A Workers Compensation Physio Session

To bill the insurance company directly for any workers compensation sessions we need your WorkCover referral from your doctor. This referral must indicate that physiotherapy treatment has been prescribed. Once we have this referral, and your workers compensation claim number confirmed with your insurance company, we can bill the insurer directly. Workers compensation claims and CTP claims make up around 10-20% of Sydney Physio Clinics case load. So rest assured we have significant experience managing and treating workers compensation claims.

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Common Workcover Injuries Seen At Sydney Physio Clinic

Common WorkCover injuries seen at our Sydney physiotherapy practice include: patients complaining of back and neck pain, shoulder and knee pain as well as foot, ankle, elbow and wrist pain. WorkCover claims may include patients receiving treatment for injuries that are the result of a specific incident. As well as injury related to a repetitive or prolonged action causing an overuse-overload injury. At Sydney Physio Clinic, we have vast experience dealing with WorkCover and work-related injuries. Experienced in managing injuries resulting from both traumatic incidents, as well as overuse.

All Our Physiotherapists Are Workcover Approved

Sydney Physio Clinic physiotherapists are WorkCover approved. Meaning our team are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment. Our focus is on achieving a safe and sustainable return to work. Doing so adhering to workers compensation administrative procedures. Procedures which are developed in conjunction with the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Workers Compensation Physio Goal: An Early And safe Return To Work

Sydney Physio Clinic’s goal is to work effectively within WorkCover’s injury management system. A system designed to provide a framework enabling an early, safe, and durable return to work for injured workers. WorkCover injuries are always a team approach. And as part of the injury management team Sydney Physio Clinic physios have helped hundreds of injured workers quickly return to their pre-injury capacity.

Effective Communication Is Key To Successful Workcover Physio Session

When dealing with WorkCover injury claims, everything runs smoother with effective communication. Our physio team are happy to facilitate any necessary communication between the nominated treating doctor, insurers, rehab consultants and any other necessary health professionals. Working in conjunction with the above parties, Sydney Physio Clinic will regularly feedback relevant information to the appropriate individual or groups. Informing them regarding capacity for work, functional ability, and any potential barriers that may impact the return-to-work process.

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