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Are you tired of coping with pain and discomfort?
Let our expert level physiotherapists at Sydney CBD Physio Clinic provide you with a tailored solution so you achieve an optimal recovery.

Physiotherapy can help with pain management, mobility improvements and surgery avoidance.
As one of the leading physiotherapy centers in Sydney, our focus lies in our emphasis on combining evidence-based practices with a compassionate approach towards our patients. Whether it’s sports injuries or chronic pain, our Macquarie Street physiotherapy clinic offers holistic care to ensure optimal recovery and long-term results.


A Premium Sydney Physiotherapy Clinic for patients who desire efficient, effective, accurate treatment and rehabilitation. Common Physiotherapy conditions we provide treatment for include:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Back Pain, Shoulder Pain & Neck Pain
  • Return to work following an accident
  • Chronic diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • Knee Pain & Ankle Pains
  • Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Sprains and strain injuries
  • Managing post-surgical rehabilitation programs


41% of patients looking for a drug-free pain relief option, found physical therapy to be the most effective alternative treatment.

– Researched published by the Palmer college


Chronic low back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia and throughout the world. Get the right relief from your physiotherapist. At any one poin in time, between seven and 10 percent of all Australians will have low back pain.

– Researched published by Australian Physiotherapy Association


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. 9.3% of people have Osteoarthritis. Prevalence increases from age 45 and after age 75 roughly 1/3 of people have Osteoarthritis. It makes up 19% of musculoskeletal burden disease in Australia .

– Researched published by Australian Physiotherapy Association


Neck pain is more common in women with prevalence peaking in middle age. The 12 month prevalence of neck pain ranges from 30 – 50% with up to 12% of cases classified as activity limiting. Neck pain ranks fourth behind low back pain, depression and arthralgias as a significant disability .

– Researched published by Australian Physiotherapy Association


78% of those surveyed said they preferred drug-free approaches compared to pain medication. 68% also described physical therapy as very safe, much safer (in their opinion) than pain-relief drugs



If you thought you needed a referral you’re not alone! 70% of patients think they need a referral to see a physical therapist, however a referral is not required.

– Physical Therapy Association


Sydney Physio Clinic is a Sydney physiotherapy practice based in the CBD that focus on providing assessment and treatment techniques based on proven practices and the latest scientific evidence. As a trusted Sydney CBD Physio booking with Sydney Physio Clinic will ensure that you receive effective and individually tailored treatment. All members of our physio team strive to assist their patients relieve pain and resume normal daily activities to their highest ability.


Our goal with sports physiotherapy treatment is for the athlete to return to play as quickly and safely as possible.


Posture correction physiotherapy is ultimately an process working towards assisting your body to move and support itself more efficiently.


Managing chronic pain as a physiotherapist is a process of working with patients to help them take back control of their life.


At Sydney Physio Clinic we are qualified in the assessment and treatment of WorkCover Physio patients and work related injuries.


Dry needling is an effective and safe physio technique for the treatment of many myofascial pain and dysfunction disorders.


Shockwave therapy is a research proven treatment approach effective in treating multiple musculoskeletal conditions.


Sydney Physio Clinic
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02:36 06 Dec 23
Extremely happy with Hayden's service and professionalism. I have visited SPC for a couple of injures over a couple of years and he always is very scientific and knowledgeable with every situation. Very happy to recommend to anyone looking for a Physio
Roland CzechowskiRoland Czechowski
05:41 30 Aug 23
I've been going to Hayden and his clinic for over 10 years for whenever a new injury occurs and for my rehab post shoulder reconstruction and currently just post hip replacement. They are well priced, have all the best equipment/treatments at their disposal and, most importantly, put a plan in place so that you DON'T need to keep seeing them for the same indication/injury. They truly want you to back out there doing what you love to do and being pain free.
Steve YeongSteve Yeong
00:19 24 Aug 23
Hayden is an amazing physio. I've seen him for two seperate issues over the last five years (one knee problem, one back problem). He (correctly) diagnosed both problems during the first session, explained them to me in lay terms, and then developed a treatment plan. I followed his instructions and both problems were sorted in a few weeks. What more could you want?
If you're in search of a reliable physiotherapy and cool gadgets for recovery and a treadmill to see your biomechanics, look no further. This place truly stands out for its exceptional services. One notable feature is their utilization of advanced normatech equipment, specifically designed for effective treatment of both legs and hips. As a track athlete who trains intensively, I've personally found their services to be highly beneficial. I confidently recommend this center to anyone in need of comprehensive treatment. When you visit, be sure to consult with Hayden. He possesses the expertise and knowledge to address your specific concerns and help you on your path to recovery. Trust me, you'll be in good hands. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience their quality care. 10/10👌
Angela ChuAngela Chu
06:40 12 Jul 23
This is my second time seeing Hayden since 5 years ago. I’ve seen a couple of physiotherapists before him but they didn’t manage to help. After the first session with Hayden, I’ve improved dramatically.He’s extremely knowledgeable as he explained in detail his diagnosis. He was able to pinpoint the problematic area, provide appropriate therapy and specific exercise to combat my issues.Even my husband who has recently got neck and shoulder pain, I urged him to see Hayden and after the first session, he came back to say Hayden is the best physiotherapist he’s ever seen.His exceptionally warm and caring personality heal the mind and heart while his professionalism and therapy heal the body.My husband and I would not go anywhere else and would recommend Hayden in a heart beat.
Courtney JordanaCourtney Jordana
04:00 18 May 23
I first came to Sydney Physio Clinic in 2017 after a lower back injury that others had not managed to help with. Hayden managed to fix my back in one appointment. Since then I have seen Hayden for injuries and post surgery recoveries, and he has always been incredibly helpful, knowledgable and happy to explain what the actual issue is. Hands down the best physio I’ve ever seen. On a recent visit to Sydney my mum needed physio and I recommended Sydney Physio Clinic, she ended up seeing Andrea, and then proceeded to talk about how wonderful he was for the next 3 days. 5 stars!
Ajay KushwahaAjay Kushwaha
11:32 27 Mar 23
Doug FosterDoug Foster
02:13 20 Jan 23
Having had my fair share of sporting injuries I can confidently say Hayden is the best physio I've been to. Thorough professional and always providing sound diagnoses and rehabilitation advice.
00:46 07 Dec 22
Been going to Hayden for my mostly gym-induced physiological woes for years now. He’s very knowledgeable, generous with his time and overall a great Physio experience. He’s accommodated several short notice bookings and always helps alleviate issues. Thanks again mate.
Natasha BondNatasha Bond
08:15 26 Oct 22
I have no hesitation recommending Hayden and the services offered by Sydney Physio Clinic, to anyone wanting the best possible outcome for their needs.My rehab journey had been a long and somewhat frustrating one so being referred to yet another Physio had me skeptical.During my initial consultation with Hayden I quickly realised how incredibly fortunate i was to finally be in the right place.Hayden is without a doubt one of the nicest people you will ever meet and an absolute credit to his profession. His patience, empathy, professionalism and knowledge are second to none.Hayden’s approach offered more than just manual treatment and a tailored exercise program. Each session left me with increased confidence, resilience and the encouragement I needed to keep progressing. An invaluable turning point in my rehab.
Shaun VShaun V
02:25 06 Sep 22
Having been here a few times for various knee, wrist and other niggles, my feedback is that Hayden is a great physio. Not only does he take his time with his assessment, he also explains his diagnosis. He's never once tried to up sell me on coming back when I didn't need to or on other merchandise. All in all, a top dude.
Shane UgoShane Ugo
22:39 30 Aug 22
Hayden has been helping me with various sports injuries (back, shoulder, groin, knee) for 6 years and I've always found him to diagnose the injury perfectly, treat it effectively and offer practical solutions to ensure rehabilitation. I've always found him to have the highest level of service and professionalism and seems to be more knowledgeable than all the other physios I've visited. I'll always go to Hayden with any issues I have in the future.
Lea WLea W
03:33 15 Aug 22
Such an excellent clinic! I saw Andrea for a back pain following an injury. He was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and very personable. I felt totally at ease and never once felt judged. His treatment and recommendations were super helpful and easy to follow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrea/the Sydney Physio Clinic to anyone.
Suchada MayerSuchada Mayer
10:05 13 Jul 22
I highly recommend Sydney physio clinic.I seen Andrea couple of times he very friendly and made me felt comfortable, my knee injury from been running several years he very professional and gave me a lot of good advice, I can felt that he really listened to me and knew what my need.I really need to back to see him again any time when I visit to Sydney. Thank you Andrea you safe my knee🙂 well done⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Nicholas OlsonNicholas Olson
01:39 31 May 22
I saw Andrea for the first time today. Andrea took an interest in me like I have never experienced at a physiotherapist before. I will be going back. I am reluctant to write a review as I don't want too many people to take up his time to ensure he has time for me. I've put my self interest to the side to review him nonetheless.
Thea SlatyerThea Slatyer
12:52 29 May 22
Hayden is one of the best physiotherapists I've had in my sporting career, Olympic level included. Highly recommend his services, it comes with a wealth of knowledge and a very professional and pragmatic approach to dealing with a range of injuries. Wish I'd found him earlier!
Charles LeeCharles Lee
08:04 11 Apr 22
Great service. The physio really took care of my shoulder injury. I have almost fully recovered. Thank you again
florie Lflorie L
04:35 29 Mar 22
I found Andrea as I was looking for someone to help me with my neck shoulder pain. I have seen good doctors before but without good result. From the first appointment I could tell he was really interested to HELP me by teaching me how to get better not by coming to see him regularly but more teaching me exercises that will make me feel better on the long term.From the first appointment I saw a significant Improvement. I m also doing exercises he recommended me to do.I highly recommend Andrea he is really friendly, he listen and give good advice ! Thank you 🙏
07:48 19 Mar 22
Hayden is a physiotherapist that prides himself on seeing you get better. I've recommended friends who have all reported the same. I've had a successful run with Hayden 3 times on different injuries and avoided surgical or invasive intervention each time. Highly recommended!

Get the best results now

A Sydney CBD physiotherapist will regularly utilise any number of different techniques to treat an issue, at Sydney Physio Clinic treatment modalities may include shockwave therapy, dry needling, kinesio taping, massage therapy and in-clinic or at home exercises. These physio techniques may be coupled with other physiotherapy methods in an attempt to achieve the best result possible for our clients.

Your physiotherapist Sydney practitioner will work in consultation with you to devise an individualized treatment plan aimed at resolving your complaint ensuring we get you back to normal activity levels as quickly as possible.


Physio Clinic Locations

All our physios are qualified in assessing and treating WorkCover patients and managing work-related injuries. We are WorkCover NSW approved, meaning we are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment. Furthermore, Sydney Physio Clinic practitioners are also qualified in assessing and treating Medicare patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions covered under the Chronic Disease Management Plan scheme. Our aim and focus is on providing safe, effective and durable management for patients who are injured at work, or suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions.


LEVEL 7/193 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney Physio Clinic Macquarie Street Physiotherapists
  • Allied Health Physiotherapy professionals
  • 2 min walk from Martin Place Station
  • Private Health Funds: No referral needed
  • Workcover & Third Party Injuries: Doctor referral required


Shop 3/87-89 Frenchmans Rd, Randwick NSW 2031
Randwick Physio Near Me Movement Centre
  • Allied Health Physiotherapy professionals
  • Easy parking in Randwick
  • Private Health Funds: No referral needed
  • Workcover & Third Party Injuries: Doctor referral required

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At our physiotherapy Sydney clinic patients seek our assistance for a multitude of reasons – ranging from having suffered sport injuries, workplace accidents, or postural complaints, as well as simply suffering from aches and pains acquired from long days in the office. Our Sydney CBD Physio location lends itself to those who are busy and require an appointment with little notice. We will always work to accommodate patients needs and in most circumstance our team will be able to provide patients with same day appointments.

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