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Posture Correction

Posture Correction

Posture Correction Physiotherapy: Our Bread And Butter

Posture correction physiotherapy is one of the first things many people will think of when they think physiotherapy. Every person moves in their own distinctive way and has their own natural curves, there is a different posture for each person. “Normal” posture and movement therefore can fall within a realm of different postures and movement patterns.

Posture Correction Physiotherapy At Sydney Physio Clinic

At Sydney Physio Clinic what we consider “poor posture” is habitual movement or positioning that causes unnecessary strain on the body. Frequently but not exclusively as we get older we can develop bad habits and when these bad habits and postures are repeated over time or repetitively under load symptoms can develop as a result including back pain, headaches, fatigue, as well as body aches and pains. Posture correction physiotherapy involves training your body to improve the way you sit, stand, walk and lie… Ultimately posture correction is training your body to move and support yourself in positions where the least possible strain is placed on its supporting tissues. “Good Posture” helps to prevent fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently and prevents strain and overuse conditions.

Techniques Used With Posture Correction Physiotherapy

Some of the treatment techniques used in posture correction physiotherapy practice may include preventative or assitive taping techniques, supportive bracing, muscular strengthening exercises and training, joint and soft tissue stretching and mobility exercises, targeted joint and soft tissue manual techniques as well as postural and movement retraining.

Posture Correction Physiotherapy Takes Time

Attempting to improve “poor posture” is something that takes time, it won’t happen overnight but with persistence change and more importantly improvement will happen. Because improving posture frequently requires a combination approach of altering habits, muscle strength and flexibility changes as well as positional and movement retraining these are all things that are a “work in progress” over what can be weeks to months. The first step in the right direction is making the decision posture correction is something you wish to achieve and then getting tailored advice and treatment through posture correction physiotherapy.

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