Knee Pain Physiotherapy

Knee Pain Physiotherapy at Sydney Physio Clinic

One of the most common reasons behind patients attending physiotherapy practices would have to be knee pain. Knee pain can be the result of a traumatic incident such as a motor vehicle accident or sporting injury. However likely even more common is knee pain resulting from overload and overuse. Important to note is that not all knee pain origins are form physical exercise or accidents. Many of our patients knee pain complaints have a degenerative component to them. Often with no obvious trigger, simply lifestyle related. At Sydney Physio Clinic our team also provide knee pain physiotherapy for post-surgical conditions including:

  • Knee reconstructions
  • Knee arthroscopes
  • And knee replacements

We regularly work in consultation with orthopedic surgeons to assist our patients through their rehabilitation protocols.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain Seen At Sydney Physio Clinic

Some common causes of knee pain resulting from a traumatic incident include:

Some common causes of knee pain resulting from overload, overuse or lifestyle activities include:

Common causes of knee pain resulting from degenerative conditions or post-surgical procedures include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative meniscal conditions
  • Post arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Knee reconstruction
  • Total knee replacement surgery

Prompt Attention Increases Chances Of Full Recovery

Sydney Physio Clinic physiotherapists are experienced in the management of knee conditions. Dedicated and focused regarding the needs of our knee pain physio patients, specifically in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of knee pain. No matter what your level of activity is, or how you acquired your knee pain, you can be confident you will receive personalised and professional care. Our goal is to assist you safely return to playing sport, your regular training regime, or simply life in general. It is clear that early assessment and treatment increases the chances of a full recovery. It is for this reason at Sydney Physio Clinic we do not have a waiting list. We generally aim to accommodate seeing any new patients the same day they make contact, if not that day, at least with-in as little as only 1-2 days.

Diagnosis and Management of Knee Pain

Knee pain is commonly caused through several mechanisms ranging from:

  • Direct impact or stress to the knee, where the application of force is greater than the tissue can structurally withstand. 
  • Repetitive stress, or loading without sufficient time between load applications. Allowing insufficient time for the body to suitably recover between load applications.
  • Degenerative conditions.
  • And structural and biomechanical abnormalities.

A Sydney CBD physio is qualified to assess both acute and chronic causes of knee complaints. Providing expert level management advice and treatment. A knee pain physio is also qualified to provide the necessary ongoing prescription of any targeted rehabilitation programs. rehab programs can assist in promoting strength, flexibility, improved biomechanics and postural control where relevant.

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