NSW WorkCover Physiotherapy Services

Our team at Sydney Physio Clinic are qualified in assessing and treating WorkCover physiotherapy patients and work related injuries. Sydney Physio Clinic is WorkCover NSW approved. Meaning we are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment.

Our focus is on achieving a safe and durable return to work. And all our physiotherapists follow WorkCover physiotherapy administrative procedures, developed in conjunction with the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


Steps To Receive WorkCover Physiotherapy?

  • Report workplace injury to employer and insurer.
  • Obtain referral from GP or Specialist.
  • Book An Appointment with our accredited WorkCover physiotherapists.
  • Attend initial assessment and treatment.
  • Submit invoices to insurer for reimbursement.
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Communication – The Key For Workcover Physiotherapy

Sydney Physio Clinic physiotherapists believe in the need for effective communication. Communication between the nominated treating doctor, insurers, employers and any other necessary health professionals is crucial to quality rehabilitation. Working in conjunction with the above parties, we regularly give feedback regarding functional ability. A workers capacity for work, and any potential barriers that may impact upon the return to work process.

Experienced At Operating Within The Workcover Physio System

Sydney Physio Clinic’s goal is to work effectively within WorkCover injury management system – a system designed to provide a framework which enables early, safe and durable return to work for injured workers. We understand being injured and off work is challenging. Being placed on restricted duties, reduced hours or working with pain or functional difficulty as a result of a work related injury can be a difficult time for any employee. As a result, we aim to not only make your return to full duties and function as quick as possible, but also as stress free as possible. Doing so by taking care of our role competently and professionally, so you can solely focus on getting better.

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy Billing Directly To The Insurer

At Sydney Physio Clinic, any Workers Compensation physiotherapy sessions for work-related injuries can be billed directly to your employer’s workers compensation insurers. Once we have a WorkCover referral letter from your doctor prescribing physiotherapy treatment, combined with your workers compensation claim number. Which needs to be confirmed with your workers compensation insurance company, we will bill your insurer directly. Meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to you, as all billing and payments occur between Sydney Physio Clinic and your insurer.

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