Sports Physiotherapy Services

Sydney Physio Clinic aims to treat and assist in the complete rehabilitation of athletes following injury or surgery. Our goal with our sports physiotherapy clients is to assist by helping to prevent further injury. Doing so through restoring (or improving) the athletes strength, flexibility, postural control and endurance where necessary. Enabling their return to sport to be achieved both safely and in the shortest possible time.


Why Sports Physiotherapy ?

  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Enhances athletic performance and prevents future injuries.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Speeds up recovery time after an injury.
  • Provides tailored rehabilitation programs.

Sports Injuries Require A Multi-Factorial Approach

Good sports physiotherapy practice ideally involves first having the skills to aid in the prevention of injury. And then when necessary, the knowledge to perform a skilled and comprehensive evaluation of an injury. Sports physio treatment also requires being able to recognize when any necessary protection of the injured tissue is required to aid recovery. Knowing when to appropriately time tissue loading is key. Crucial in the process of improving/restoring any necessary flexibility, strength, postural control or muscle-imbalance. This knowledge is another area of expertise a good sports physio will possess. Ultimately, a sports physio aims to enhance an athletes performance and aid recovery from injuries. All the while providing advice, education and tools to prevent further injury.

A Good Sports Physio Requires An Understanding Of Sporting Demands

Sydney Physio Clinic’s goal when working in the sports physiotherapy field is for the athlete to return to play as quickly and safely as possible. Helping them achieve pre-injury levels and (where possible) improving on the athletes pre-injury performance. Being a sports physio requires skilled methods of evaluating the level of injury, considerable treatment and rehabilitation experience and skills. As well as an thorough understanding of the sport and its biomechanics. All this will aid in a quick return to play and assist in the prevention of future injury.

Sports Physiotherapy For Weekend Warriors To Professionals

Sydney Physio Clinic is committed to the management of injuries resulting from participation in sports and exercise. Regardless of the athletes ability, with a ultimate focus on getting you back on the field.

At Sydney Physio Clinic we see sports physiotherapy as a team approach. And therefore are more than happy to liaise closely with any necessary Sports Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, coaches or trainers. We feel doing this helps to enhance the rehabilitation process. Our love of sport, combined with our experience and interest in functional biomechanics, makes Sydney Physio Clinic the go to place for your sports physio needs.

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We provide professional physiotherapy treatments, whether it's sports injuries or chronic pain, our Sydney Physio Clinic on Macquarie Street Sydney & Randwick offers holistic care to ensure optimal recovery and long-term results.


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