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Post Operative Physiotherapy Exercises Services

At Sydney Physio Clinic we understand that surgery and the need for post operative rehabilitation physiotherapy isn’t going to be someones first choice when it comes to managing a complaint. However we also understand that sometimes surgery is the best option.

Sydney Physio Clinic has experience in working closely with a number of Sydney’s leading orthopedic surgeons. Regularly carrying out their post surgery rehabilitation physiotherapy programs. Be it arthroscopy, joint replacement, joint reconstruction, ACL reconstruction, stabilization surgery, tendon repairs, internal fixation following fractures, other bone surgery, or spinal surgery… You can be confident our team at Sydney Physio Clinic has regularly been responsible for guiding patients though your surgeries specific post operative rehabilitation exercises process.


Why Post Surgery Physiotherapy?

  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Restores muscle strength.
  • Helps prevent secondary complications.

What Steps To Take For Rehabilitation After Surgery?

  • Consult with your surgeon
  • Get referral from your doctor
  • Book an appointment with our accredited physiotherapy clinic
  • Discuss treatment plan and goals
  • Attend scheduled sessions.

Rehabilitation After Surgery Working Together With Your Specialist

Rest assured that at Sydney Physio Clinic we are frequently in close consultation with surgeons regarding their patients progress. So should a situation arise where things aren’t progressing exactly to plan following surgery (for whatever reason) we are onto the solution ASAP.

Tailoring Individual Post Operative Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Exercises Program

At Sydney Physio Clinic we are experienced at individually tailoring a surgeons broad post op rehabilitation physiotherapy protocols. Protocols are based and progressed according to your specific circumstances and progress. We understand the importance of adhering to the surgeons specific guidelines, as well as appreciating that every individual is different. It is these differences that need to be managed within the guidelines so to maximise the desired outcomes.

Professional Physiotherapy Guidance For Post Surgery Rehabilitation Exercises

Sydney Physio Clinic enjoys guiding you from stage one with your acute post operative rehabilitation physiotherapy and as you progress. Developing Post operative physiotherapy exercises programs to ensure strength, range of movement, postural control and function are regained. Tracking and guiding you all the way through to the final stages. Where the inclusion of any necessary sports, work or lifestyle specific post op rehabilitation exercises and training ensure a complete recovery for return to play, work and beyond.

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