Foot Pain Physiotherapy

Foot Pain Physiotherapy at Sydney Physio Clinic

Sydney Physio Clinic commonly deal with patients complaining of painful feet requiring foot pain physiotherapy. According to a cross-sectional postal survey by Garrow AP, Silman AJ, Macfarlane GJ; The Cheshire Foot Pain and Disability Survey: a population survey assessing prevalence and associations. in “Pain” journal 2004 Jul;110(1-2):378-84 there is a 9.4% prevalence of disabling foot conditions in the general population. What this means if you do not have foot pain yourself, you are more than likely to know someone who has or does. Some of the risk factors for foot pain include high impact exercise, obesity, increasing age and underlying medical conditions like diabetes.


Common Causes Of Foot Pain Seen By Sydney Physiotherapists

There are many causes of foot pain, some of the common causes we help successfully treat in our Sydney CBD physio practice are:

Don’t Become One Of The 10 Percent

Physiotherapy treatment provided will focus initially on protecting against further injury then around encouraging and facilitating correct positioning and biomechanics, improving joint and tissue mobility as well as strength and postural control to assist in a return to pre-injury levels. Do not be one of the 9.4% suffering disabling foot conditions, get your foot pain assessed sooner rather than later. Early diagnosis and management through foot pain physiotherapy can significantly reduce the length and severity of any disability.

Physiotherapy Techniques For Managing Foot Pain

Physiotherapists understand the importance of appropriate footwear whatever the activity. Protecting and supporting your foot during exercise and the activities of daily living goes a long way to helping both prevent and manage foot pain. Physiotherapists are trained in assessing, diagnosing, and managing foot pain of many causes.  Treatment may include footwear and activity guidance, orthotic prescription, exercise prescription, taping techniques and manual therapy techniques as well as in some circumstances electrotherapeutic devices like shockwave therapy.

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