Elbow Pain Physiotherapy

Elbow Pain Physiotherapy at Sydney Physio Clinic

The elbow joint is the area of union where the three long bones of the upper limb meet. As well as this there is a joint capsule and a multitude of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves attaching to, or passing through the area. All these structures are potential sources of pain, and may contribute to a loss of strength, range of movement limitation and/or functional impairment ultimately requiring elbow pain physiotherapy services.
Sydney CBD physiotherapy clinics will frequently deal with people complaining of elbow conditions. Commonly, conditions requiring elbow pain physiotherapy can be the result of overuse such as in the case of:

  • Tendinopathies like “tennis elbow and golfers’ elbow
  • Distal biceps tendinopathy
  • Fat pad impingement
  • Olecranon bursitis

Other causes of elbow pain may be more traumatically induced, where pain is the result of a fall, or another external force due to an accident or contact sports, resulting in injuries including:

  • Fractures to the neck of the radius
  • Elbow ligament sprains
  • Capsular injuries

The elbow is also a common site for referred pain, in this situation referred pain means pain presenting in the elbow but originating from areas outside the elbow. Common areas of the body capable of referring pain into the elbow includes the cervical spine or shoulder.


Common Conditions Successfully Managed With Elbow Pain Physiotherapy

  • Tendinopathies including “tennis elbow” and “golfers elbow
  • Fractures
  • Ligament sprain
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Bursitis
  • Impingement
  • Referred pain

Diagnosing Elbow Pain

Common signs and symptoms associated with elbow may pain include:

  • Having a weak grip and difficulty when trying to grasp objects
  • Soreness on palpation of the elbow prominence’s
  • Pain making a fist or opening up your fingers
  • Dull ache at rest
  • Pain or limitation straightening the elbow or turning the palm up and down

Sydney Physio Clinic practitioners have years of experience dealing with patients elbow pain physiotherapy needs. Elbow pain frequently responds favorably to physiotherapy intervention when early treatment is sought, however, some elbow conditions can take considerable time (often many months) to heal when the diagnosis is incorrect, or the condition is neglected early on and there is a delay initiating treatment.
Accurate diagnosis is crucial to assist the correct management of any elbow pain. Patients who receive accurate assessment and early treatment typically respond extremely quickly to physiotherapy treatment, restoring normal levels of pain and function.

Multiple Sources of Pain Necessitate Accurate Diagnosis

As a result of there being multiple potential causes of elbow pain, physiotherapy clinics need to have practitioners experienced in correctly diagnosing the source of the elbow pain. Accurate diagnosis means that any treatment can focus on dealing with the appropriate contributing structures.

Elbow Physiotherapy Treatment Must Sometimes Think Outside The Box

Being able to think outside the box is an important skill for all physiotherapists to possess.  When managing elbow pain physiotherapy complaints being able to look at ergonomic adjustments to symptom provoking activities, prescribe exercises to assist in the conditioning of necessary muscles and considering any other areas of the body that are related either directly or indirectly such as the neck and shoulder. At Sydney Physio Clinic our practitioners thrive on the challenge of achieving successful treatment of elbow pain

Managing Elbow Complaints With Activity Modification

When dealing with elbow pain, looking at sporting, exercise or task technique is often required. Poor technique may place too much strain on the elbow, thus causing overuse injuries. As well as activity technique and biomechanics, using inappropriate equipment during sport or work can lead to pain and overuse conditions. An example of this is a tennis player using the wrong grip size or string tension on their racquet, or an office worker work station mouse or keyboard arrangement is non-ergonomic. In the above situations where equipment or technique issues are not remedied then even when receiving the best physio treatment in the clinic, recovery will be delayed, and any pain will most likely continue or quickly return on the resumption of activity.

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