Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Neck Pain Physiotherapy at Sydney Physio Clinic

Headaches can be painful and frustrating and potentially triggered by of a variety of reasons. Some headaches are related to musculosketelal causes, yet other headaches have non-musculoskeletal causes. Potential triggers of mechanical type headaches that respond favorably to neck pain physio treatment include:

Headaches can also be caused by side effects to medication, dietary irregularities, dehydration… At Sydney Physio Clinic we aim to help by assessing relevant musculoskeletal structures contributing to the root cause of your headache. And when appropriate apply effective headache and neck pain physio treatment. Taking painkillers for a headache in many circumstances is simply a band aid approach to pain. Doing little to nothing towards solving the underlying problem or helping prevent against repeat episodes. If an underlying mechanical contributor exists, a neck pain physio getting to the bottom of this goes a long way to relieving the headaches. Providing relief in both the short and long term. Although a headache may be relieved by taking painkillers, persistent headaches should always be assessed, and an attempt made to establish their origin.

Headaches A Staple Presence In CBD Sydney Physio Clinics

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating, and are one of the most common ailments in Australia. Given the location of Sydney Physio Clinic we see a lot of CBD office workers complaining of both neck pain and headaches. When someone attends the practice with a persistent headache, or pain in their neck, we take a detailed history of the symptoms and carefully assess for potential headache triggers. Doing so in an attempt to determine the root cause of your pain. Addressing any musculoskeletal dysfunction in your neck, upper back, and shoulders, may help relieve a headache, or migraine. Using further preventative measures including postural, sleeping and ergonomic advice will assist in keeping you headache free.

Headaches Frequently Require A Multidisciplinary Approach

In my experience there is a strong correlation between both poor and sustained ergonomic positioning in sedentary occupations. Meaning the classic office worker is often prone to headaches. However, remembering that headaches (even musculoskeletal headaches) may have multiple triggers including:

  • Being tired,
  • Having over worked eyes,
  • And grinding your teeth -to name just a few.

Frequently, patients presenting to our clinic with persistent musculoskeletal headaches will often end up visiting their dentist, optician as well as their doctor to cover all bases. At Sydney Physio Clinic, we are used to working in conjunction with a wide range of medical professionals to achieve the desired result of being headache free.

Sydney Physio Clinic Physiotherapists

Sydney Physio Clinic Physiotherapists are trained to assess and manage neck pain and headaches. If you are experiencing brachialgia, nerve pain, muscle spasm, muscle aches, stiffness, restricted range of motion or headaches… receiving neck pain physio from one of our team at Sydney Physio Clinic is a safe and effective way to help manage your symptoms and prevent recurrence.

Neck Pain Potentially Caused From Any Number Of Structures

Your neck is an extraordinarily complex interlocking structure. Consisting of bones, discs, joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. The neck must be capable of supporting the weight of your head (weighing around five kilograms) whilst allowing multi-directional movements. It is no wonder neck pain physio treatment is one of the more commonly required forms of physiotherapy. Not only are headaches a common symptom of people suffering with neck complaints, but patients will also frequently experience muscle spasm, muscle ache as well as stiffness and reduced range of motion associated with their neck pain. Nerve pain or neuralgia originating from the neck known as brachialgia  (the upper limb equivalent of sciatic nerve pain) is a common reason people seek out a neck pain physio.

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