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Sydney Physio Clinic

Established in 2013, Sydney Physio Clinic has been providing fast and effective physiotherapy services for Sydney’s corporate professionals, families and fitness enthusiasts throughout the Sydney CBD and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.




Hayden Latimer / Physiotherapy Director

Hayden Latimer Physiotherapist Sydney CBD Physiotherapy

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Andrew Fletcher / Physiotherapist

Andrew Fletcher Physiotherapist at Sydney Physio Clinic

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Sydney Physio Clinic is a centrally operated
physiotherapist Sydney CBD clinic.

Founded in 2013 our care for our patients and passion for effective physiotherapy means you’ll get the same attentive care no matter who you are or what your issue is. Physiotherapist Sydney CBD is centrally located for your easy convenience close to your work in the heart of the CBD on Macquarie Street.

Sydney Physio Clinics assessment and treatment techniques are based on proven practice and the latest scientific evidence. Administered by caring and attentive physiotherapists, we ensure you receive the most effective individually tailored treatment getting you back to a normal life as soon as possible. Your recovery is our priority.

We know that physiotherapy treatments can be daunting and confusing, so we’ll make sure you’re informed every step of the way from your initial consultation through to your final appointment. We believe knowledge is power so we’ll take the time to explain your condition, it’s causes, your treatment plan and how you can best minimise the likelihood of recurrence in the future. When it comes to physiotherapy treatment and recovery, your physical health is just as important as your peace of mind. When your treatment with Sydney Physio Clinic is complete, you’ll leave with all the knowledge you need to care for your condition and to minimise its recurrence in the future. Sydney Physio Clinic achieves results that last.

526,000 Australians aged 15 and over have a long term condition as a result of a sporting or exercise injury.

*ABS 2007-08 National Health Survey.

42% of all running injuries are knee injuries

*Australian sports commission 2006.

80% of Australians will experience disabling low-back pain during their lives

*Global Burden of Disease Study 2010.

70% of runners will become injured in some way.

*American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

24% of Australians use walking for exercise making it Australia’s most popular form of exercise.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced knowledgeable physiotherapists with over 15 years experience
  • 100% one-on-one hands on consultations
  • We treat the cause to ensure a fast and lasting recovery
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Members
  • We offer HICAPS for fast on the spot claims
  • We are a family based business in Sydney CBD.

More About Sydney Physio Clinic

Who we are

Sydney Physio Clinic is a centrally operating physiotherapy clinic in Sydney’s CBD Founded in 2013. With caring, knowledgeable physiotherapists with over 15 years experience.

What we do

Sydney Physio Clinics assessment and treatment techniques are based on proven practice and the latest scientific evidence and focus on treating the cause, not just the symptoms of your condition.  We take the time to get to know you and your condition, before treating and then teaching you how to significantly reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Why we do it

Physiotherapists are frequently keen sportspeople and the physiotherapists at Sydney Physio Clinic are no exception to this rule. Having extensive experience in caring for their own physical health they fully understand the frustration of injury, discomfort and mobility issues affecting day to day life and play. Creating a strong will to achieve a quick and effective return to normal function and beyond for their clients.

Where we do it

Sydney Physio Clinic operates out of private rooms based at level 7 193 Macquarie Street, no matter where you are in the city we’re just a short walk away. At Sydney Physio Clinic we work closely along side other highly skilled allied health practitioners so what ever your complaint, wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Most Common Conditions

Back and Neck Pain: 35%
Muscle Strain: 11%
Foot and Ankle Pain: 12%
Knee Pain: 18%
Shoulder Pain: 15%
Other: 9%

*As seen at Sydney Physio Clinic.

We Are Your First Step To Recovery

We’re not just talk though and we believe in hands-on treatment when it comes to aiding your recovery. This includes manual therapy to restore joint and soft tissue mechanics as well as individual specific targeted therapeutic exercises, all designed to improve your function and prevent recurrences.

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