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The Best Physio In Sydney: What To Look For

The Best Physio In Sydney: What To Look For
The Best Physio In Sydney: What To Look For

What To Look For Regarding Finding The Best Physio In Sydney

It is important to remember when looking for the best physio in Sydney that not all physios are the same. No two physios will have exactly the same approach to a problem, the way a physiotherapist approaches anything will be influenced by their training and experience with such a condition (be it personal experience, clinical experience or otherwise).

Every physio will have what could be termed their ethos regarding treatment and the way they approach physiotherapy management of patient conditions. Ideally all physios practice under a similar however not an identical ethos or principle of what they feel is the ideal method of care. It is also important in any profession or career that individuals have the freedom to express themselves and physiotherapists will express themselves by their individual approaches to treatment.

The Best Physio In Sydney Will Keep Current

Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession and keeping current in the industry is crucial. The industries best practice standards are a constantly changing being as new research and understanding is undertaken and exposed. The best physio in Sydney will appreciate this fact and be vigilant in staying current within the profession.
The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (or AHPRA) demand that physiotherapists engage in ongoing professional development making sure practicing physiotherapists stay current in the industry in order to maintain their registration.

The Best Physio In Sydney Will Be Experienced

Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell the recent buzz words in training are “10,000 hours”. In his book the “Outliers” Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. This is not saying any physiotherapist having worked for 5 or more years full time is a master in their field but I feel it goes a long way to suggest that the best physio in Sydney will have many hours of clinical practice under their belt. If the best way to learn is by doing, then making sure that your physio has dealt with similar issues in the past not just once but a number of times will help ensure you are getting quality care.

Experience Is Not Enough

The saying “if all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail” means experience is not enough when considering the best physio in Sydney. Experience with out a desire to update their skills and remain current or challenge themselves to learn will put a physiotherapist at risk of falling behind meaning they simply keep doing the same thing time and time again. More knowledge and more skills bred from the desire to learn, challenge themselves and improve will leave a physio with more weapons in their arsenal to choose from when considering the management of any condition presenting to them.

The Best Physio In Sydney Will Surround Themselves With The Best

Even the best physio in Sydney will know when they are beaten. They will appreciate when something falls outside their scope of practice and recognize the need to refer appropriately. Be it the onward referral for further investigation or another practitioner with a more suited skill set either in or outside the profession. Hence the best physio in Sydney will have a strong referral network they can draw on when the need arises.

Empathy And Understanding Through Like Interest

A big part of physiotherapy is the passing on of information and advice to empower the individual the physiotherapist is treating with understanding and knowledge of their condition and situation. The message must be believable! Most people wouldn’t take dietary advice from an obese nutritionist seriously and taking rehabilitation and training advice from physiotherapists is similar. Many physiotherapists will have become so as a result of a passion towards being active (in some shape or form) and sadly with activity sometimes comes injury. The upside for physiotherapists being active or even getting injured is it furthers the understanding of the body, training, training techniques and rehabilitation. All counting towards experience that can be passed on to their clients.

What Should The Best Physio In Sydney Look Like?

When looking for the best physio in Sydney there are a number of things that should be considered, they should be experienced as well as making efforts to remain current in the industry. They possess the ability to recognize when something is beyond their scope of practice and this is where having a strong network of other practitioners they can tap into when required is important. It also helps if they themselves have a keen interest in keeping fit and active so they can better understand where people they are treating are coming from. It is important to remember that as a patient you are not bound to a particular practitioner and have the right to change practitioner as you like. I am sure I speak on behalf of all physiotherapists that we only want the best for our clients and our goal as a physiotherapist is to provide safe and effective care for our patients and so, if you as a patient don’t feel you are getting the results you anticipated then I would encourage you to discuss this with your treating physiotherapist and or seek a second opinion.

Hayden Latimer is the founder of and principle physiotherapist at Sydney Physio Clinic. Since graduating from Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand he’s gained wide experience practicing across the globe for over 15 years and is now extremely knowledgeable in helping people reduce discomfort and restore function and mobility.


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