NormaTec Recovery Physiotherapy Services

Sydney Physio Clinic is pleased to be able to offer our clients access to NormaTec compression boots as part of our sports and injury recovery sessions. NormaTec compression boots are a world-class leading recovery system. At Sydney Physio Clinic we use this mechanical compression with great success. Regularly using it when managing post-surgical conditions of the knee, foot and ankle. As well as following intensive exercise to aid recovery and accelerate the return to high intensity exercise after endurance events. Meaning several of our patients involved in activites such as marathons, triathlons, ultra distance events, and competitive match play such as sporting finals make use of our NormaTec recovery physiotherapy sessions.

Recovery sessions are a great tool in assisting patients bounce back, specifically where time is of the essence. We even have patients book a recovery session who suffer with lymphatic issues. As well as those who simply wish to “freshen up their legs” following being on their feet all day.


Why Does NormaTec Recovery Sessions Work?

  • Increases blood flow: Facilitates improved circulation, fostering optimal recovery.
  • Reduces inflammation: Mitigates swelling and facilitates expedited healing processes.
  • Flushes out waste: Eliminates toxins and metabolic byproducts.
  • Relieves muscle soreness: Alleviates post-workout or injury discomfort.
  • Enhances muscle recovery: Speeds up healing and regeneration of muscle tissue.

Recovery Sessions Aren’t Just For The Elite Athlete

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits of NormaTec recovery sessions. In fact, generally none of our patients at Sydney Physio Clinic are elite athletes. But simply because you aren’t elite, that doesn’t mean that you can’t train and recover like one! Whether our recovery sessions are used to help

  • move swelling at a specific site following surgery or injury,
  • assist in the removal of waste products from muscles following intense training,
  • or aiding relaxation following extended time on your feet.

Although most of our customers utilize our recovery sessions for assisting recovery between their training sessions. A number of our post surgical patients following knee surgery like an ACL reconstruction, or Achilles tendon rupture repair find using the NormaTec of great benefit. Specifically in the early stages of their post surgical rehab.

NormaTec Compression And Massage Better Than Just Compression Alone

Assisted recovery doesn’t have to start and finish with Normatec compression. NormaTec is a fantastic stand alone treatment recommended by coaches and trainers world wide. Utilized for it’s ability to assist in rapid recovery from intense exercise and assistance in an accelerated rehab program. At Sydney Physio Clinic we find that the combination of the using our NormaTec Pulse Recovery Boots coupled with a customized and targeted  massage gun therapy session performed by one of our physiotherapists, can further enhance the experience achieving the ultimate recovery.

NormaTec Recovery Session Options At Sydney Physio Clinic

We have two options when it comes to booking yourself a recovery session.

The Standard NormaTec Recovery Session

Our Standard Recovery Session is a 30 min session with the world’s leading brand in compression based recovery used by elite athlete’s world wide. Helping reduce inflammation and swelling, enhancing recovery from injury, surgery, and training.
• 30mins relaxation with state of the art Normatec recovery technology

The Gold NormaTec Recovery Session

The Gold Recovery Session includes the 30 minute NormaTec compression. Followed by 15 minutes of customised treatment with a massage gun performed by one of our physiotherapy team. Through the addition of the massage gun therapy we can target muscle soreness and stiffness in local areas, helping you move better, enhancing recovery and accelerating a return to training.
• 30mins relaxation with state of the art Normatec recovery technology.
•15mins rehabilitation for sore muscles via physiotherapist guided massage gun therapy application.

If you have any questions regarding Sydney Physio Clinic recovery sessions. And their relevance to your individual situation, then don’t hesitate to contact us. All pricing structures can be found on our website, and are also displayed when making any online bookings. Please note all our NormaTec recovery sessions are assessed, set up and guided by one of our physiotherapists. As a result they can be claimed under the blanket of your physiotherapy cover if you have private health insurance that includes physio cover. The exact amount your health fund will rebate on any of our recovery sessions depends on your insurer, and the level of cover stated in your policy.

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