nib First Choice Network Physio

nib First Choice Network Physio

Make The Most Of Your Extras With nib First Choice Network

At Sydney Physio Clinic we are proud to be a part of the nib preferred provider scheme, known as the nib first choice network. As with all private health insurance funds as a member you can see any healthcare professional your choosing (assuming their qualifications are recognised by the healthfund). We are well aware it can be tricky sometimes to work out which physio provider is going to be the best option for you or your family. There are many things to consider ranging from simple things such as their location, opening hours and availability. But also, important factors including experience and reputation… And for many price and potential hidden costs are a big factor in peoples decision making process when choosing they physiotherapist they want to trust with their healthcare. Thankfully at Sydney Physio Clinic you don’t have to compromise on any of that. We aim to always have appointments available, meaning we can often see people on the same day. If not the same day, we can at least book them in for the following day, as well as offering weekend physio appointments. All our practitioners have a decade or more of experience and the practice is one of the top rated physio clinics in Sydney. With regard to pricing, as a first choice network provider nib have locked in lower rates, and at our practice there are no hidden costs. Meaning making the decision to receive your physio treatment at Sydney Physio Clinic if you are a nib member a no-brainer.

Quality Care And Value For Money

The goal of the nib First Choice network is to provide nib members a community of specially selected health providers, who have promised they will deliver quality care and value for money. It is not just a physiotherapy initiative but includes dental, remedial massage and optical providers. By choosing an nib First Choice provider it simply means you receive great quality of care when you see your physio but you pay less. A brand new initiative under the nib preferred provider scheme is gap free initial consult when seeing a first choice network provider. So as a new patient to Sydney Physio Clinic as of 15/03/2023 if you are an nib or nib group member you will receive a gap free initial consult. Meaning no out of pocket costs.

All Our Practitioners Are A Part Of The nib Preferred Provider Network

You’ll will be able to reduce the gap left between the total cost of your treatment and what nib pays, known as an out of pocket cost with any of our practitioners as they are all members of the nib First Choice Network. It is always a good idea to check with your health care provider regarding waiting periods, annual limits, and other conditions… So, to avoid any potential disappointment we suggest it is a good idea to check your level of cover and remaining limits before you book in to see us at Sydney Physio Clinic.