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Ankle Sprain Common And Chronic

Ankle Sprain: Common And Chronic

Ankle Sprain Injuries Are Often Frustratingly Chronic Statistically a high percentage people who roll their ankle will still experience issues with their ankle up to two years following the original sprain. These are pretty alarming stats and for me highlights the need for receiving professional advice for any ankle sprain regardless of the perceived severity…. Read More >

High Ankle Sprain Not All Ankle Sprains Are The Same

The High Ankle Sprain: Not All Ankle Sprains Are The Same

Everyone’s An Expert On Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains are a common injury occurring across many sporting codes. Spraining your ankle is especially common in soccer as well as other footballing codes as well as any jumping and landing sports such as basketball, netball and volleyball… Sports that involving running, jumping and changing direction often have… Read More >