PowerPlay Compression Therapy

PowerPlay Compression Therapy

PowerPlay Compression Therapy In Sydney CBD

If you are looking to help boost your recovery following injury or surgery with compression therapy via the PowerPlay in Sydney CBD, then Sydney Physio Clinic has you covered. At Sydney Physio Clinic we have invested in a PowerPlay compression therapy unit to help our patients with knee and ankle complaints with their recovery. The PowerPlay system combines the benefits of compression and cryotherapy (ice) to help settle pain and swelling in acute injuries.

Why Use Ice-Compression Therapy?

For decades physios have been advocating the use of compression and ice therapy for acute injuries and management of pain and swelling. The PowerPlay ice-compression unit is a system that at Sydney Physio Clinic our team have experience with, and we find particularly useful for our patients. We don’t want this to sound like an informercial for a product, but we really find this unit to be a useful adjunct to supplement your recovery following acute injury or post surgically.

RICE And Acute Injury?

Following acute injury and post-surgery, the advice has long been to use: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Compression therapy physio using the PowerPlay unit allows us to maximise the use of compression and cryotherapy in one. This approach helps to limit any excessive swelling around the site of the injury, and in-turn can assist in improving movement, decreasing pain levels, and assist with accelerating recovery time frames. Ultimately, we think the PowerPlay unit can help you recover better, and get back to the activities you love sooner!

Compression Treatment At Sydney Physio Clinic

If you are attending Sydney Physio Clinic for assistance managing an acute injury or require post-op physio, then we may use the PowerPlay as part of your session. We use this on top of “regular physio treatment” and any appropriate exercise and loading to help settle inflammation around the injury site. The unit itself takes only about 2 minutes to set-up, and generally a treatment session lasts for 10-15 minutes.
Alternatively, if indicated we are happy to offer shorter PowerPlay specific appointments to supplement any regular session between appointments for a reduced rate. Typically, we encourage our post-op physio patients to aim to attend more frequently in the first few weeks post-surgery to go through their home exercises and add progressions and then jump on the PowerPlay machine to assist in getting pain levels and swelling down. If you are looking for PowerPlay in the Sydney CBD – the come and see us at Sydney Physio Clinic.