Preventing Swimmers Shoulder

Preventing Swimmers Shoulder

Treating Shoulder Pain Swimming

The rehabilitation process associated with treating  swimmers shoulder is an individualized process. Therefore the time frames and adjustments required to achieve a satisfactory result and a return to swimming will vary from person to person. Training loads, swimming technique and anatomical variables generally all need to be taken into account during the rehabilitation phases. Attempts to progress quickly back to normal training loads can lead to re-injury and significant frustration. Therefore sticking to any rehabilitation program and plan is crucial to avoid such disappointment. Also getting on top of the issue early when symptoms first arise can help avoid developing a chronic shoulder condition, swimmers shoulder caught in its infancy is almost always going to be easier to manage than someone who has been swimming with symptoms for months or longer.

Physio Rehabilitation Of Swimmers Shoulder

Early treatment looking at addressing any necessary stroke mechanic changes with a swim coach and any anatomical, or training variables that put you at risk of delayed recovery is the key to managing shoulder pain swimming. Equally important is the introduction of prevention strategies. The ideal prevention strategy is to have your shoulder assessed by your physiotherapist for any risk factors prior to the onset of any symptoms. Booking such an appointment is wise if you are looking at starting swimming training or have any significant swimming load changes coming up. Your physiotherapist can assess for any movement and strength imbalances as well as postural variations that may put you at greater risk of overload and help prescribe a “prehab” program for you to help address any potential issues. Equally being assessed by a coach skilled in stroke correction early on in your swimming “career” can help prevent swimmers shoulder, it is always going to be easier to correct bad habits before they are ingrained with age and repetition so catching them early when young is best. Often a swim stroke coach will be looking at things like body rotation, hand placement going into the water and pull through angles to try and make a few changes to reduce the strain on your shoulders. As they say, a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you suspect you have swimmers shoulder, or as mentioned are looking at taking up swimming or are about to increase the volume of swimming then consider booking in with one of your physio team in our Sydney or Randwick practice for a shoulder assessment.

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