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Corked Muscle Physiotherapy Treatment Options

Corked Muscle Physiotherapy Treatment Options

Treatment Protocol For Corked Muscle Injuries A physiotherapist can help diagnose and grade injury severity. Muscle contusions are sometimes confused with muscle tears, applying the correct management for both the type and severity of injury is crucial when looking for a speedy return to play and preventing any complications along the way. Ideally following soft… Read More >

Corked Thigh: A Common Muscle Contusion Injury

Muscle Contusion Injury, The Common “Corky”

What Is A Corked Thigh? A muscle contusion is a very common injury, frequently referred to as a “cork” in sporting circles. Muscle cork injuries normally occur whilst playing contact team sports like soccer, AFL and the rugby codes, however are also commonplace in cricket, hockey or lacrosse where a hard ball, or object may… Read More >