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Don't Neglect Your Lower Traps

Don’t Neglect Your Lower Traps

Signs You Have Weak Lower Traps The lower traps are shoulder blade muscles that help to tip the shoulder blade backwards and downwards, helping to “stick” the shoulder blade to your rib cage. Even with simple activities like reaching into a cupboard, the lower traps will be active, contracting to help stabilise the shoulder blade…. Read More >

Lower Trapezius Muscle: A Scapular Stabiliser

Lower Trapezius Muscle: A Scapular Stabiliser

Where Are Your Lower Trapezius Muscles Situated? Your lower trapezius is not an individual muscle, rather it is the lower most section of your trapezius muscle. Your trapezius can be broken up into upper, middle and lower trapezius and is a muscle that starts at the base of your neck, goes across the shoulders and… Read More >