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Exercise Approach For Correcting Trendelenburg Gait

Correcting Trendelenburg Gait Via Physiotherapy Exercises

Correcting Trendelenburg Gait Management of a Trendelenburg gait pattern should first aim to deal with any underlying causes present leading to the presence of such gain pattern. To do so requires assessment by an appropriate medical professional in an attempt to uncover any underlying reasons for the existence of the noted gluteal weakness. Once any… Read More >

Home Exercises For Trendelenburg Gait

Home Exercises For Trendelenburg Gait

Isolation And Activation Before Function A simple approach with exercises for Trendelenburg gait is to start addressing the issue with isolated strengthening exercises. This can help enable the individual to be aware of the muscles they are wanting to engage. Once muscle activation can be isolated in a controlled environment then knowing where and what… Read More >