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Diagnosing And Treating Hoffa's Syndrome

Diagnosing And Treating Hoffa’s Syndrome

Diagnosing Hoffa’s Syndrome The symptoms associated with Hoffa’s syndrome of the knee (also called fat pad syndrome) can be similar to that of a number of other knee conditions, and fat pad syndrome can coexist with other knee pathology so as always accurate diagnosis is crucial to allow the appropriate treatment to be initiated. Through… Read More >

Fat Pad Syndrome: Also Known As Hoffa's Syndrome

Fat Pad Syndrome: Also Known As Hoffa’s Syndrome

What Is Fat Pad Syndrome? There are many structures capable of causing anterior knee pain. One such source, is impingement of the fat pad, the knee fat pad, known as the infrapatella fat pad, is a mass of fatty tissue lying just below the kneecap. Positioned behind the patella tendon, the fat pad is wedged… Read More >