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Turf Toe Injury Q and A

Turf Toe Injury Basic Information

Turf Toe Is Not An Injury Exclusively Associated With American Football As mentioned in our previous turf toe blog, a turf toe injury happens when the toe is forcibly bent upwards under load (into what is referred to as hyperextension). Hyper-extension of the big toe is a movement that can occur when pushing off into… Read More >

Turf Toe An Injury On The Rise

Turf Toe: An Injury On The Rise

Turf Toe Is An Increasingly Common Injury If my Randwick and Sydney physiotherapy clinics are anything to go by then sprains to the big toe are becoming increasingly common accross Sydney in recent times. Perhaps this is as a direct result of the use of artificial turf surfaces becoming more commonplace throughout Sydney for football… Read More >

Bunions: Those Bony Bumps At Your Big Toe

Bunions: Those Bony Bumps At Your Big Toe

What Are Bunions? Bunions, often referred to in medical practice as a hallux valgus where hallux is referencing the big toe and valgus the resulting angular change as seen in the image below. Hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe characterized by the deviation of the big toe, where the big toe is… Read More >