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Achilles Tendon Rupture Risk Factors

Achilles Tendon Rupture Risk Factors

Frequently A Grey Haired Weekend Warrior Injury An achilles tendon rupture is a fairly common injury where the peak incidence of injury occurs in individuals aged 30-50 yrs old. The cause of injury is commonly the result of playing recreational sports where an achilles tendon rupture is an injury renowned in the medical world for… Read More >

Achilles Rupture Assessment And Management

The Assessment And Management Of An Achilles Rupture

Signs Of An Achilles Rupture An Achilles rupture may seemingly come from nowhere and yet other times there may be a history of previous achilles tendinopathy and/or the prior use of cortisone injections into the tendon. On assessment an achilles rupture may present with some, or all of the following characteristics in the history of… Read More >