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Spotlight On The Brachialis Muscle

Spotlight On The Brachialis Muscle

Brachialis Your Main Elbow Flexor Brachialis (also know as brachialis anticus) is a muscle of the upper arm, your brachialis muscle lies deeper than the biceps brachii muscle and like biceps brachii is a flexor the elbow joint, meaning it bends your elbow in an action that would bring your hand towards your face. The… Read More >

Muscle Of The Week The Biceps Brachii

Muscle Of The Week: The Biceps Brachii

Biceps Brachii Muscle Anatomy The biceps brachii muscle draws its name from Latin, biceps meaning “two-headed” and brachii meaning “arm.” This nomenclature describes the muscles structure and location, being a two headed muscle which lies in the upper arm between the shoulder joint and the elbow. The two heads of the muscle are referred to… Read More >