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Spotlight On The Long Head Of Biceps

Spotlight On The Long Head Of Biceps

Issues With The Long Head Of Biceps Tendon Are Relatively Common The proximal tendons of the biceps brachii include the short head of biceps and the long head of biceps tendons. The two tendons are commonly involved in pathological processes and considered a frequent cause of shoulder pain. Of the two, it is the long… Read More >

Muscle Of The Week The Biceps Brachii

Muscle Of The Week: The Biceps Brachii

Biceps Brachii Muscle Anatomy The biceps brachii muscle draws its name from Latin, biceps meaning “two-headed” and brachii meaning “arm.” This nomenclature describes the muscles structure and location, being a two headed muscle which lies in the upper arm between the shoulder joint and the elbow. The two heads of the muscle are referred to… Read More >