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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Jumpers Knee

Jumpers Knee Treatment And Diagnosis

How Is Jumpers Knee Diagnosed? Diagnosis of jumpers knee is typically based on the history of the condition and the clinical findings without need for special investigation, however investigations can be effectively used to help in both confirming suspicions around the diagnosis and ruling out other pathology. Imaging typically used when looking at patella tendinopathies… Read More >

Patella Tendinopathy: Known As Jumper's Knee

Patella Tendinopathy Commonly Known As Jumper’s Knee

What Is Jumper’s Knee? The term jumper’s knee describes an insertional tendinopathy, a tendon complaint where injury, degeneration, or inflammation occurs at the point where the tendon attaches to bone. With regard specifically to a patella tendinopathy, it is where the site of discomfort and injury is experienced at the attachment of the tendon to… Read More >