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Treating A Bunion

Treating A Bunion

Not Every Bunion Is Symptomatic Not all bunions are symptomatic. Even though visually they may seem quite alarming, bunions don’t necessarily require treatment. Unless locally symptomatic, or considered to be a contributing factor driving other lower limb ailments, treatment isn’t always employed. A bunion however, is a permanent deformity of the big toe which can… Read More >

Causes And Treatment Of Hallux Valgus

What Are The Causes Of Hallux Valgus

What Causes Hallux Valgus? The exact cause of hallux valgus more commonly referred to as bunions is unknown. They are thought to be the result of complex biomechanical changes occurring in your feet. A situation where constant stress on the big toe joint, specifically the first metatarsal phalangeal joint (1st MTPJ) causing displacement of the… Read More >