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Physiotherapy Knee Braces & Support

Protect and support your knees with our exceptional knee braces from the DonJoy Performance range.

KNEE BRACES Categories

Knee Braces Recommended by Accredited Physiotherapists

  • Webtech Knee Brace: Designed with patented silicone web technology, this knee brace is ideal for relieving common knee pain associated with sports injuries, overuse, and degenerative conditions.

  • Trizone Knee Sleeve: This knee sleeve offers enhanced proprioception, mild support, and improved circulation. Perfect for repetitive motion injuries, inflammation, swelling, tendonitis, and soreness.

  • Bionic Fullstop Knee Brace: Provides ultimate Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) protection during recovery from injury and prevents future injuries with dampening hinges to prevent hyperextension.

  • Webtech Knee Strap: Ideal for runner’s knee and patella tendinitis, this knee strap evenly distributes pressure on the patella tendon for pain relief.

  • Anaform Dual PinPoint Knee Brace: Offering targeted pressure to the quads and patella tendon, this knee brace provides minimum support for pain management, stability, and prevention of future knee injuries.

  • Anaform Power Knee Sleeves: These knee sleeves deliver knee support, compression, and heat retention, ideal for general knee pain relief, mild knee sprains, swelling, and fantastic for CrossFit training.

All knee braces can be purchased from Sydney Physio Clinic, either onsite at our Sydney CBD physio practice or through our online store.