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Treatment For Dupuytren's Disease

Treatment For Dupuytren’s Disease

The Causes Of Dupuytren’s Disease It is unknown exactly what causes Dupuytren’s disease, the current understanding is that genetics play an important role. Although there are anecdotal reports of the onset of Dupuytren’s contractures following injury to the hand, or over use of the hands. Overuse such as involvement in occupations requiring manual labour, particularly… Read More >

Dupuytren's Contracture Of The Hand

Dupuytren’s Contracture Of The Hand

What Is A Dupuytren’s Contracture? A Dupuytren’s contracture results from a condition that affects the fibrous layer of tissue that lies underneath the skin known as the fascia. The area where this fascia is affected is the skin in the palm and fingers with any contractures mainly affecting the ring and little fingers of the… Read More >